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10% off all Coins and Supplies
for orders of $10.00* or more!
* Excluding shipping and handling
References -- Guarantee -- Insurance

Click on the following link to check out the feedback about my sales and purchases on eBay if you want.

If you are not happy with any of the coins I sent to you, then you may return them free of any additional charge. You only pay for the postage and optional insurance. I will exchange the coins or refund the full price originally paid for the coins minus the originally shipping and any insurance charges. The returned coins must be the same coins I shipped to you, packaged the same way as when I shipped them to you. If the coins are loose in the envelope, then they are useless to me and I will not refund anything even if you thought you packed them correctly. You must send me an e-mail or call me before returning any coins.

Insurance is always optional; however, if the coins you order do not arrive and you did not take insurance then it is your responsibility. The same is true when you return coins. If they do not arrive and you did not insure them than it is your responsibility.

About Cash Payments:
People tell me that a money order cost too much and they don't want to wait a week for a check to clear. If you don't want to use PayPal then you can send cash for small payments. It's at your own risk, so if you decide to send cash make sure you can't see the bills through the envelope. Don't send coins! It just ups the postage and they have to be packaged correctly or the post office sorting machine will rip them out of the envelope.

Round your payment up to the nearest dollar, or you can send stamps instead of coins. I only deal in first class postage stamps (46 cents), or additional postage stamps (20 cents). So if your bill is $3.33, you can send $3.00 plus 2 - 20 cent stamp or 1 - 46 cent stamp.  I do not send change.  Please, don't send more than 99 cents in stamps.

Credit or Debit Card Payments via. Visa MasterCard Discover American Express
If you want to pay the fee charged by Pay me securely with your Visa ,MasterCard, Discover, or 
American Express through PayPal! for any payment to this account then you must include the fee in your payment.  All payments made to this account will be charged a fee including non credit or debit card payments!  Use my other account for free, non credit or debit card payments.  The fee is 30 cents + 3.1 percent of the amount charged for transactions inside the United States, 4.1% for non US transactions.  To compute your fee:

Enter the total amount owed including any postage and handling fees $ and press the Tab key*
        US PayPal Fee =  Total Amount to Charge = for a US issued Credit Card in the US.
Non-US PayPal Fee =  Total Amount to Charge = for a "Cross Border" (non US) charge.

* Click here for alternatives to the Tab key!

Make your credit card payment to PayPal account (ID = tom@fl-ink.com).   If you do not include the fee in your payment than I can not send the coins until you make the full payment.  If you make a mistake, send an e-mail to pay@fl-ink.com and I will refund your payment so you can resubmit the correct amount.  PayPal will refund the total amount charged including the fee if done within 30 days.  Warning: If you make a mistake or forget to add the fee to your payment and then send the difference in a separate charge, you will be charged an additional fee on that second transaction and you must include its fee in the total.  In essence you could end up paying an extra 35 to 50 cents in fees.  

About the fees:  PayPal charges a fee of 30 cents + 2.9% to the amount you charge.  If you live outside the US or your card is issued outside the US and additional 1% "Cross Border" fee is charged by PayPal.  When you add the fee into the amount charged it ups the total charge, so their fee increases proportionally.  Therefore I have to charge 2/10 of a percent more to make up the difference; otherwise, I end up loosing money on each charge.  
Note: Multiple Currency Transactions also includes a 2.5% Exchange rate fee which will show up on your Credit Card over and above the transaction fee charge by PayPal. 

Why two accounts?  I had to set up this second "Commercial" account because PayPal will not let me receive a credit card payment on my "Personal" account without converting it to a "Commercial" account.  If I convert, I will have to pay a fee on ALL Future Transaction to that account including non Credit or Debit Card transactions.  I have no choice.  Itís all or nothing.  Therefore, I set up this separate "Commercial" account for credit and debit card transactions.

EBay Shipping and Handling Fees:  
EBay charges lots of fees: For listing, Buy it Now, Gallery Pictures and twice when an item is sold -- eBay's Final Value Fee and PayPal's fee.  My Shipping and handling fee for each item represents all of these fees plus postage via first class mail or priority mail.  When a customer combines items purchased from my eBay auctions and / or my websites I will figure a new total based on the total eBay & PayPal fees and the actual postage based on weight.  If the combined weight is over 13 ounces, then it is always cheaper to send the items via Priority mail in a flat rate box or envelope. 

When paying via PayPal it is always cheaper to make a single payment than paying for each item separately.  When you combine your payments, the savings are passed on to you.  

To combine purchased into one shipment, send an e-mail to tom@fl-ink.com and let me know which items you wish to combine.  I will then send you a total for the combined items.  Keep in mind that it is the PayPal fee and the US Postage that will be reduced, the eBay fees generally remain the same. 

Subscription Service:
To place a standing order for new 50 State Quarters as they are issued, all you need to do is send an e-mail to tom@fl-ink.com describing the number of quarters you want from each mint, your shipping address and your e-mail address. You can also add your friends and family to your subscription. With a Gift Subscription, you get the statement while they get a Gift-from-You letter and everybody gets the latest 50 State Quarters straight from the mint. All I need is the addresses of the people you want gift quarters sent to.

By default the quarters will be shipped in Free Paper Sleeves. If you want the more expensive Mylar Flips or the Cardboard holders please let me know.  Insurance is optional, so if you want it let me know. You should make a payment big enough to cover several issues.  Simply use my Cost Calculator to get the current price with postage, then take the total times the number of issues you want or send an e-mail to tom@fl-ink.com and I will figure it out for you.  How much you send is up to you; however, if your payment is for less than 2 issues, it just creates extra work for both of us.  Any balance will automatically carry forward and be applied to the next issue.

Each time a new state quarter is issued I will deduct the current price of the quarters, the postage and optional insurance charges from your account balance and send the quarters to the address you have on file assuming you have a positive account balance.  A statement of your account will be included with your quarters, so if your account balance is low you will have plenty of time to deposit additional funds into your account.  There is no fee for this service, nor is there any interest paid on any balance in your subscription account.

Your e-mail address is also your subscription account number, so always include it in any correspondence. You can update your addresses, change or cancel your subscription at any time without charge; however, if you ask for refund of your account balance, there will be a $1.00 service charge.

My prices can change at any time for any reason without any advanced notice.  The mint has no commitment on what it charges for quarters and, besides death and taxes, the one sure thing you can count on is a postal rate increase.  Keep in mind that I am the sole proprietor of this business, so if something happens to me your account balance may get tied up for some time.  But on the bright side, you won't have to send out a check or money order every ten weeks.  So keep a reasonable balance in your account and don't pay too much in advance.

Need Coin Supplies, Booklets, Display Cases?

Some of you have asked me where you can get small quantities of archival safe Mylar flips, or Mylar & Cardboard holders for your 50 State Quarters.  I sell small quantities of each as a convenience to my customers.  You pay actual shipping which is based on weight for a First Class letter via the US Postal Service.  The letter itself -- including statement, packing etc -- is about 1/3 ounce.  The table below shows the number of items for each additional ounce.  If you order quarters at the same time there is only one letter, which is included in the price of the coins.  The minimum order is $2.00 including any coins ordered at the same time. 

To order just send an e-mail to tom@fl-ink.com telling me how many Flips, Flips with inserts, Penny, Quarter or Half-Dollar size Cardboard holders you need --  along with any coins -- and I will get back to you with a price. Click here for payment information.  Two prices are shown, one for just the holders, the second {in braces} is the cost when ordered with an equal number of coins.  The second price is basically my cost.  

Note:  I have very few 2"x2" Cardboard holder left in stock; therefore, I only sell them with coins.  There is little call for them as most people prefer the Archival Safe Flips for any coin from a penny through a dollar in size and do not plan to restock. 
Item Notes Cost Weight in Items per Oz.
2"x2" Archival Safe Flips 
(2"x4" open)
each flip holds 2 quarters or 2 of any other US coin. 15 cents each 
{10 cents with coins} 
10 flips per ounce
2"x2" Archival Safe Flips with paper Inserts one flip with 2 paper inserts to record information. 16 cents each 
{11 cents with coins}
10 flips with inserts per oz.
2"x2" Penny size Cardboard holder holds 1 US Cent See note above 
{5 cents with coins}
11 holders per ounce
2"x2" Quarter size Cardboard holder holds 1 US Quarter-dollar See note above 
{5 cents with coins} 
11 holders per ounce
2"x2" Half-Dollar size Cardboard holder holds 1 US Half-dollar or 1 US Golden-dollar. See note above 
{5 cents with coins}
11 holders per ounce
Genuine US Mint 50 State Quarter Bags 
Approximately 5" by 7.75" 
The actual Canvas Bags the US Mint uses to ship 100 Quarters in.   $2.50 each 0.8 ounce each
State Labels tags 2.25" by 2.25"
Specify State and Mint.
Came sewn to the bag.  Now loose.  50 cents each 25 labels per ounce

Click here to see examples the holders with quarters inserted in them.  Of course the coins are not included!

Others have asked me where you can get booklets or display cases for your 50 State Quarters.  The following list of sites sell a variety of items for coin collectors.  I do not indorse these sites; my only arrangement with them is that we each point to each other's site.  There are many more sites on the Internet that sell similar items.  If you have a good source for any of these items, let me know and I consider adding them to this list.  If you have problems with any of these sites, let me know and I will consider removing them from the list.

Simply click on one of the links below to go to a site.  To bring the site up in a separate window, hold down the "Shift" key when you click on the link. 
US Mint The United States Mint where I get my coins.  Check out their online catalog.
The Penny Trader US Lincoln Cents For Sale or Trade. A large selection of Lincoln Wheat, Memorial and Bicentennial Cents from the Philadelphia (no mint mark), Denver (D) and San Francisco (S) mints from 1909 to the current date. 
BRNDesigns Unique laser engraved walnut plaques for 50 state quarters.
  I am looking for more sites to add to this list.

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