50 State Quarters for Sale or Trade
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State & Territorial Quarter Rolls For Sale

I have high quality Circulated and a few Uncirculated State and Territorial Quarters available for sale.  They are available half roll (20 quarters) as priced below.  All of the uncirculated quarters come from mint bags or bank rolls. There is a 50 cent handling charge on each shipment.  US postage is $5.60 for 1 to 6 rolls via a Small Flat Rate Priority Mail Box with Delivery Confirmation. Optional Insurance is available at the actual US Post Office rate. When your quarters ship, you will be sent the Delivery Confirmation number so you can track your coins to your door. 

Most of the quarters come from mint bag and none of the bank rolls are stored in their original paper wrappers!   Quarters will discolor over time if left in paper wrappers; therefore, I store them in plastic containers.  I will place them in paper rolls when shipping them to you.

How to Order:
To order, simply click here or send an e-mail to tom@fl-ink.com with the State, Quantity, Mint (P or D or a mix of P and D) and Type (uncirculated or circulated) coin half rolls you want.  Make sure you include your shipping address and let me know if you want your order insured.  When I receive your e-mail I will make sure I have the quarters you want in stock and send you a confirming e-mail with the price and postage charge.  Postage will be more if shipped outside the US.
1999 High Quality Circulated: DE P&D, GA D, CT P&D at $15.00 per half roll. 
No Mint Uncirculated half rolls.
2000 High Quality Circ: MA P&D, MD P&D, SC P&D, NH P&D, VA P&D at $15.00 per half roll.
No Mint Uncirculated half rolls.
2001 High Quality Circ: NY P&D, NC P&D, RI P&D, VT D, KY D at $15.00 per half roll.
Mint Unc: NY P&D at $19.00 per half roll.
2002 High Quality Circ:  TN D, OH D, LA D, IN D,  MS D at $15.00 per half roll.
Mint Unc:  LA P&D, IN P&D, MS P&D  at $19.00 per half roll.
2003 No High Quality Circulated half rolls.
Mint Unc: AL D at $19.00 per half roll.
2004 Sold out
2005 High Quality Circ: OR D, KS D, WV D at  $15.00 per half roll.
No Mint Uncirculated half rolls.
2006 Sold out
2007 Sold out
2008 Sold out
2009 No High Quality Circulated half rolls.
Mint Unc:  DC D, at $19.00 per half roll.

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